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July 18,

Students with Dr. Steven Cain

Conversations from Tuesday carried over into breakfast this morning, as students discussed moral issues in the Book of Genesis as well as how the Summer Program has (thus far) shaped their college discernment. At today’s first class, they considered the first 10 chapters of Genesis, particularly the two accounts of creation.

That conversation, in turn, carried over into lunch, where students could be heard debating such questions as, “What is significant about the order and hierarchy of the creation accounts?” “Why on day six does God call His creation ‘very good’?” One student admitted that he had been uneasy about participating in the Discussion Method, but he is now warming up to it, and he enjoys taking an active part in his learning.

After lunch came the day’s second class — and more Genesis. This time students considered Abraham and Isaac, focusing on such questions as, “What is meant by the various blessings given to Abram?” “What does it mean to bless God?” “Was Abraham good, so God chose him to be father of faith, or was he good because God chose him?” “Can you have faith and still question God or be anxious?” Discussions also made reference to Plato’s treatment of filial piety in the Euthyphro, giving the students a sense of how the College’s curriculum is fully integrated. They will get an even greater appreciation of that integration tomorrow, when they discuss Kierkegaard’s various presentations of the Sacrifice of Isaac in Fear and Trembling.

With classes over for the day, the recreation period is now under way. In addition to the usual sports and leisure, there will also be Dr. John Nieto’s highly anticipated talk on art and beauty, plus the first rehearsal for Friday’s Shakespeare Revue. Come back tomorrow for photos!

Students talk after the afternoon class