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Is Thomas Aquinas College
the Right School for You?

It may be. Are you …


A Self-Motivated Learner?
Do you enjoy grappling with complex questions? Are you willing to engage in discussions about difficult concepts with your peers, testing and refining your ideas, with the truth as your ultimate goal?

Up for a Challenge?
Do you crave an education that covers all the major disciplines — not just the subjects that come easily to you — an education that will test your limits, expand your mind, and prepare you for anything?
Student readingA Reader?
Do you love books, especially those that probe the most fundamental questions concerning nature, man, and God — the great works that have defined our civilization? Do you long to become acquainted with the most brilliant minds of the Western world, thinkers such as Einstein, Shakespeare, Newton, Plato, Aristotle, and Aquinas?

Seeking To Know, Love, and Serve God?
Are you ready to live in a community that strives for fidelity to Christ and His Church, where Faith lies at the heart of every enterprise?

Searching for an Education that Will Last a Lifetime?
Do you desire an education that does more than merely prepare you for a job, one that builds up your whole person, strengthening your mind, your character, your soul?

Graduates in caps and gownsLooking for Fellow Students Like You?
Do you want to study among peers from all over the country and the world, young people who, despite their varied backgrounds, are united in their common love of truth and wisdom?

If your answer to many or all of the questions above is “Yes,” then Thomas Aquinas College may, indeed, be the right school for you. So what can you do next?

You can apply.
Because Thomas Aquinas College has rolling admissions, students may apply at any time after the completion of their junior year of high school. (The Admissions Committee considers all applications as soon as they are received.) Under the terms of the College's operating agreement with the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education, only Catholic students can be admitted to the New England campus. The California campus remains open, as always, to students of all faiths and religious traditions. 

Classroom discussionYou can visit.
Come see the California or New England campus — and experience the life of the College for yourself.

If you are a high school junior, you can attend the next High School Summer Program.

You can contact our Admissions counselors, who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.