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Sports have always been an important part of student life at Thomas Aquinas College. Due to its strong academic focus, the College does not sponsor teams that travel and compete against other institutions; nonetheless intramural events of all kinds are a daily — and beloved — occurrence.


Basketball is arguably the most popular sport on campus, closely followed by soccer and flag football, as well as tennis, volleyball, and street hockey. Part-time student athletic coordinators, one for men and one for women, help to arrange the various teams and schedules. Participation, though entirely voluntary, is widespread, with roughly 60 percent of students involved in at least one intramural sport. Many more can also be seen at any time running either alone or in groups, swimming in any of the three on-campus ponds, or joining in pick-up games of basketball or tennis.


The annual pre-Thanksgiving Turkey Bowl — a flag football competition between upperclassmen and underclassmen — is a favorite campus tradition, as is the yearly, all-school Tug-of-War. And in recent years, the College has participated in several friendly flag-football scrimmages with students from John Paul the Great Catholic University in San Diego.

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Caleb Skvaril (’19)

“Learning from the great books, you can see the questions that history’s greatest thinkers have asked and all the ways that they have tried to answer them. You’re able to see what’s right about what they’re saying, but also what’s wrong. The more your opinion is challenged, the more you have to refine it in order to get closer to the truth.”

– Caleb Skvaril (’19)

Asan, Guam