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We will now take a brief break from our reporting about the California Summer Program to turn our thoughts to the inaugural New England program, which begins on Sunday! So, let us begin by introducing the all-star team of alumni and TAC students who will be on hand for the upcoming, two-week foray into Catholic liberal education in Northfield, Massachusetts:

Andrew Rossi (’13) Andrew Rossi (’13)• Proving that he truly is a superhuman, Andrew Rossi (’13) — who served as the head men’s prefect in California — is flying across country to serve in the same capacity in New England. A native of Bakersfield, California, Rossi (as everyone calls him) is a seventh-year Summer Program veteran. When he’s not leading Summer Programs, he teaches logic, geometry, history, and chemistry at St. Augustine Academy in Ventura, California. “My favorite part of the Summer Program,” he says, “is interacting with the students and listening to their first thoughts on the great books.” In past years he has overseen the program’s athletic competitions, a role he anticipates taking up in New England, too. If there’s ever a softball game, expect him to pitch!

Sarah Dufresne ('14) Sarah Dufresne (’14)• The women’s head prefect in New England Program will be Sarah Dufresne (’14), now serving her sixth program. A onetime volunteer for her high school’s campus ministry team and an occasional missionary with Justice for All’s pro-life campus outreach, Sarah sees being “radically available” as key to working well with young adults — an approach she exhibits every day with the high school students. “When I was a student at the College, I began to understand the meaning of true freedom as I was given the opportunity to learn the timeless truths that, when understood under the light of faith, truly set us free,” she says. “What a gift! I want others to have this incredible gift as well.”

Jean Guerreiro (’22) Jean Guerreiro (’22)• “I attended the Summer Program in 2018, and I know it sounds crazy, but I applied right after and joined the Class of 2022 one month later,” says sophomore Jean Guerreiro of Santa Catarina, Brazil. Jean is one of the 34 students who, having spent their freshman year on the California campus, will transfer to the New England campus for their sophomore year. “The students who are coming to this, the first Summer Program in New England, are ready to make history, and that’s exciting,” he says. “I hope they all dive into the classes and activities, full of energy and enthusiasm. That will make a huge impact on their experience of the program.”

Meg Murphy (’22) Meg Murphy (’22)• A New England native, Meg Murphy (’22) of Cheshire, Connecticut, is a rising sophomore on the College’s California campus. “I’ve never attended a Summer Program, nor have I worked one,” she admits. “So this will be my first!” Grateful for all she experienced during her first year at the College, Meg is eager to share those blessings with the Summer Program students. “It is amazing how much I have grown and learned in just the few months I have been here,” she says. “I’m looking forward to getting to know the high schoolers and sharing what I love about my school. I’m also very excited and honored to be a part of the very first New England Summer Program and all the adventures that come with it!”

Joseph Guinee (’21) Joseph Guinee (’21)• A resident of North Andover, Massachusetts and a rising junior on the California campus, Joseph Guinee (’21) is thrilled to see the College — and the Summer Program — come to his home state. “I’m looking forward to meeting all of the programmers,” says this second-time prefect. “But I’m especially excited to see how everything unfolds on this new campus. What we do this year will define the New England Summer Program for years to come.” He offers the following advice to the students: “Get sleep. There is plenty of time to hang out with your friends during the day, and sleep is the only thing that will keep you running during classes and the endless activities we will be doing!”

Grace (Bueche) andJohn Jost (both ’17) Grace (Bueche) and John Jost (both ’17)• The picture on the right is of Grace (Bueche ’17) and her husband, classmate John Jost (’17), who were married earlier this summer! (John is a the associate director of Admissions on the New England campus, so you can expect to see him around quite a bit over these next two weeks, too.) Although new to the Summer Program, Grace has plenty of experience working with high school students. For the last two years she has taught math and science for the Mother of Divine Grace online school. This fall — now that the Josts will be living on the New England campus — she will be teaching math at a nearby Catholic school. “I am very excited to come back to TAC,” she says, “and help these young students experience the profound good to be found in terms of studies, friends, and Catholic formation.”