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July 26,

lunch in St. Joseph Commons

Any jitters that the high school students may have had going into this morning’s class — where, for the first time, they would be called upon to demonstrate Euclidean propositions on the blackboard — were for naught. By all indications, the students passed their first test with flying colors.

“Student spirits were high after the mornings demonstrations,” reports head men’s prefect Chris Sebastian (’13). “The conversations about various aspects of the props continued even as the students spilled out of the classrooms, with tutors asking them if there were other ways to prove the enunciations besides the way that Euclid proposed them.”

There is no afternoon class today. Instead, after lunch, the students filed into buses for a trip to Los Angeles, where they will first visit the Getty Center and then attend a concert — “Mirga Conducts Beethoven and Ravel” — at the world-famous Hollywood Bowl. Photos from the excursion will be available here tomorrow morning.

High school students on the bus to Los Angeles High school students on the bus to Los Angeles