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Video: MODG News Reports on
Thomas Aquinas College, New England

Posted: April 5, 2019

Following its initial round of reports and interviews about Thomas Aquinas College’s forthcoming New England campus, MODG News — the online publication of Mother of Divine Grace School — has produced a new video about the endeavor:

In the video, photo editor Gwynith Hayden speaks to three of the freshmen who are planning to transfer to the New England campus next year, as well as to President Michael F. McLean; New England Associate Dean Thomas J. Kaiser, Dr. Margaret Hughes (a tutor who will be moving to the new campus), and Director of Admissions Jon Daly.

“The College’s mission is, first and foremost, to help students along the road to Catholic wisdom, to really help them grow in their love and knowledge of God, their appreciation of their faith, and their practice of their faith,” says Dr. McLean. “The fact of the matter is there can’t be too much of that kind of education in the world today. So we really believe … that we should do our best to make this education available to more people than we presently can. And so it is very much in keeping with the Catholic evangelical character of the College that we embark on this expansion.”

Thomas Aquinas College has always enjoyed a close relationship with Mother of Divine Grace School, an online classical learning academy whose founder and president, Laura Berquist (’75), is an alumna. Each year several of the school’s graduates come to the College as freshmen, and 12 of the 34 freshmen who are transferring to the New England campus are MODG graduates.