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Video: President McLean & Associate Dean Kaiser on the New England Campus

Posted: February 25, 2019

Thomas Aquinas College has always enjoyed a close relationship with Mother of Divine Grace School, an online classical learning academy whose founder and president, Laura Berquist (’75), is an alumna. Each year several of the school’s graduates come to the College as freshmen, and 2019 promises to be no exception, with students from across the country applying to both the California and New England campuses.

Interest among Mother of Divine Grace students in the College’s plans to open a second campus in Northfield, Massachusetts, is so great that a reporter for MODG News, the school’s online publication, recently conducted a series of interviews with College officials. The first two of the videos are now available online:

In the first video (above), photo editor Gwynith Hayden asks President Michael F. McLean about why the College decided to establish a second campus, and how Thomas Aquinas College, New England, will differ from Thomas Aquinas College, California. “Our admissions results in recent years have confirmed my belief that more students than the 350 or so we can accommodate here in California would desire this education and would be successful at pursuing it,” says Dr. McLean. He later adds, “In every essential way the New England campus will be identical to the California campus, and we are working very hard to ensure that will be the case with respect to the academics, the spiritual life, and the social life.”

In the second video (below), Miss Hayden speaks to Dr. Thomas J. Kaiser, who, as associate dean, will lead the team of faculty in Massachusetts. Making what he describes as “a plug” for the New England campus, Dr. Kaiser speaks about what could make it an especially good fit for prospective students:

“If you want a small community where you know each other really well, and you get to know the tutors well, and where the tutors can be more of an influence on you, that’s going to be the advantage of the Northfield campus,” says Dr. Kaiser. “I was in the first graduating class of this college, and I loved the small number of students. It was like a family, and the tutors treated us like we were part of their families. And I think it’s harder to do that when you have over 350 students. So, if you’re looking for that, that’s going to be a real advantage of the Northfield campus.”

Very Rev. Fr. John M. Berg

“The College passes on the Faith through uniting it with reason.”

– Very Rev. Fr. John M. Berg, F.S.S.P (’93)

Superior General of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter

“I am deeply touched by the quality of the intellectual and spiritual formation that you offer. The study of philosophy should lead to a conviction that truth can be known, articulated, and defended. Your college shows that this is possible, and on a high level!”

– Rev. Wojciech Giertych, O.P.

Theologian of the Papal Household