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Noble Beauty, Transcendent HolinessAlumnus author Dr. Peter Kwasniewski (’94) has penned a new book about the sacred liturgy that has drawn great praise from many corners — even the central Asian republic of Kazakhstan.

Calling Dr. Kwasniewski’s newly released Noble Beauty, Transcendent Holiness: Why the Modern Age Needs the Mass of Ages “a precious book,” the Most Rev. Athanasius Schneider, O.R.C., writes that it “demonstrates masterfully the perennial theological, spiritual, and ritual meaning of the liturgy of the Mass.” Indeed, the Auxiliary Bishop of Astana, Kazakhstan, continues, the book “constitutes a valuable contribution on behalf of the authentic renewal of the sacred liturgy and of its practice in the Church of our days.”

A professor of theology and philosophy, an instructor of music, and the choirmaster at Wyoming Catholic College, Dr. Kwasniewski — who is also a professional composer and cantor — writes frequently on matters pertaining to the liturgy and sacred music. In Noble Beauty, Transcendent Holiness, he examines the sanctity and grandeur of the traditional Roman liturgy, which, he argues, must play an essential role if there is to be a new springtime in the Church.

“I offer my sincere congratulations to Dr. Kwasniewski and to Angelico Press for this book,” writes Bishop Schneider. “May [it] circulate as widely as possible and reach especially those in the Church who have the crucial responsibility for the liturgy.”