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2020-21 Deadline for Submitting Financial Aid Forms

The financial aid application deadline for students seeking institutional aid from Thomas Aquinas College for the 2020-21 school year is Monday, March 2, 2020.

All forms must be submitted by that date (completed on-line in the case of the FAFSA and the CSS Profile; uploaded in the case of tax documents). See our webpage Apply for Financial Aid for the specific forms and documents you must submit.

Incoming Freshmen
For incoming freshmen seeking institutional aid, the deadline is March 2, 2020 or 30 days after acceptance, whichever is later; however, California residents must complete the FAFSA and the Cal Grant GPA Verification form by March 2, 2020 to be considered for a Cal Grant. This is a firm deadline set by the State of California.

Cal Grants can only be used by California residents attending a campus located in California.

Massachusetts residents are not eligible to receive a MassGrant at our Northfield campus, but if a Massachusetts resident would have been eligible for a MassGrant, it is likely that his need-based aid from Thomas Aquinas College will fill any need that would been filled by the MassGrant.

Students Seeking Only Federal Student Aid
If you are a student who is seeking only federal student aid (Pell Grant, Direct Student Loan or Parent PLUS Loan) but no state or institutional aid, the only form you need to complete is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA deadline technically extends to the last date of the school year (or your last date of attendance, if that is sooner). The College recommends, however, that you complete the FAFSA by March 2, 2020 so that your federal student aid is printed correctly on your initial payment plan. This will save you and the College time and paperwork.

Thomas Aquinas College's FAFSA School Code is 023580.

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