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Executive Committee

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the Thomas Aquinas College Parents’ Association consists of parents of current students and alumni who serve as a resource to other TAC parents, students, and parents of prospective students. If you would like to contact the Executive Committee or any of its members, please use our online form. The members of the Executive Committee are:

  • Robert BagdazianRobert Bagdazian
    Father of Daniel (’13), Gabriel (’14), and Samuel (’20)
    Associate Director of Gift Planning, Thomas Aquinas College
    Santa Paula, Calif.

  • Laura BerquistLaura Berquist (’75)
    Mother of Margaret (’98), Theresa (’01), John (’01), Rachel (’04), James (’08), and Richard (’10)
    Founding Director, Mother of Divine Grace School
    Santa Paula, Calif.

  • Veronica and John ConklinVeronica and Lt. Col. Ret. John Conklin
    Parents of Mary (’01), Louis (’11), Patrick (’15), and Margaret (’17)
    Homemaker / Oregon Military Department Project Manager
    Mt. Angel, Ore.

  • Joan and Joe Duda
    Parents of Kathryn (’03) and Gabriel (’12)
    Homemaker / Construction Project Manager
    Manassas, Va.

  • Clyde and Otto Feil, Esq.
    Parents of Rebecca (’04), Joel (’06), and Lucy (’11)
    Homemaker-Attorney / Attorney
    Atlanta, Georgia

  • Joanne and Dr. Thomas “Murph” Goodwin
    Parents of Frater Simeon Charles (’10) and Joseph (’15)
    Homemaker / Ob-Gyn Physician and Professor
    Alhambra, Calif.

  • Sherri and Lt. Col Timothy Jackson
    Parents of Susannah (’15)
    Homemaker / Marine Civil Servant
    Manassas, Virginia

  • Hope and Keith Marotti at the ordination of their son, Rev. Francis Marotti (’07)Hope and Dr. Keith Marotti
    Parents of Rich (’03), Rosemarie (’05),
    Fr. Francis (’07), and Marie (’12)
    Bookkeeper / Molecular Biologist, Researcher
    Kalamazoo, Mich.

  • Elizabeth RaskobElizabeth Raskob
    Mother of Sharon Reiser (’99)
    Retired User Experience Designer
    St. Louis, Mo.

  • Miriam and Bruce Schardt
    Bruce and Miriam SchardtParents of Cristina (’14), Brian (’16), and Scott (’17)
    Homemaker / Electrical Engineer
    Trabuco Canyon, Calif.