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Thomas Aquinas College seeks to cultivate in its students the life of moral and intellectual virtue, first nurtured in them by their parents. Through the Parents’ Association, members can further this end in a number of ways:

  • Pray for the College: its faculty, staff, students, and benefactors
  • Introduce the College to prospective students and their families
  • Assist graduates with their professional and vocational pursuits
  • Assist the College to host local receptions and seminars to introduce new friends to the College
  • Help to provide for the needs of the College by their own donations or through introductions to prospective benefactors.

For more information

Please e-mail Mr. Robert Bagdazian, Director of Development and parent of Daniel (’13) and Gabriel (’14), or call him at 800–634–9797.

“The true educator does not bind people to himself, he is not possessive. He wants the child… to learn to know the truth and establish a personal relationship with it. The educator does his duty to the end; he does not withdraw his attentive and faithful presence; but his objective is that the learner hears the voice of the truth speak to his heart and follows it on a personal journey.

— Pope Benedict XVI
Speaking to the parents
of 16 newly baptized infants
January 9, 2012