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students in library

During this morning’s classes, the 2016 Summer Program students continued their study of Genesis, focusing on chapters 11-25. Today’s discussions focused largely on the question of covenants, and the different kinds of covenants that God makes with His people. Students also compared the Bible’s account of Creation with that envisioned by Empedocles, one of the ancient Greek, pre-Socratic philosophers they studied earlier in the week.

Today’s Genesis reading also covers the Sacrifice of Isaac, the perfect prelude to this afternoon’s class, in which students took up the four different accounts of that story that Søren Kierkegaard put forth in his Fear and Trembling.

“It is difficult to read this short work without glimpsing something of the greatness of Abraham and being drawn to at least a spark of desire for the Faith he exemplifies,” reflects Dean Brian T. Kelly, in a 2013 talk about why the College includes this work in its curriculum. Kierkegaard, he continues, draws the reader into a “sense of wonder and admiration.”

Their sense of wonder and admiration bestirred, the students can now look forward to afternoon recreation and an evening of more prayer, study, and fun.