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Fr. Nick distributes Holy Communion
Fr. Nick distributes Holy Communion.

The tutors for the High School Summer Program report that, even though many students were a bit tired after yesterday’s trip to Los Angeles, they performed beautifully at this morning’s class. With poise and skill, they confidently approached the chalkboards and demonstrated propositions pertaining to side-side-angle and side-side-side congruency, as well as bisecting angles and lines.

Next came the morning Mass, after which students bid a fond farewell to Rev. Nick Blaha (’02), who has served as a chaplain for the program for these last 11 days. Fr. Nick, alas, is due back at Emporia State University, where he runs the Didde Catholic Campus Center. We will miss him greatly, but we are thankful for his generous service to our high school students. May God bless you, Fr. Nick!

After Mass came lunch, followed by the afternoon class, where students will resume Monday’s conversation of Boethius. Later this afternoon they can look forward to dance practice and an ultimate Frisbee match against the prefects, then dinner, study hall, and the daily Rosary. To cap off the evening, Fr. Sebastian will lead a session of “Theology on Float,” in which he will answer anonymous questions about the Faith while students feast on root beer and ice cream. Below is a photo of the questions box, which has been on display in St. Joseph Commons all week:

Question box

Come back tomorrow for more news and photos!