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Students walk toward their residence halls

Students greatly enjoyed this morning’s class and its discussion of Pascal’s Wager. The conversation focused on the terms of the wager and their implications — the finite vs. the infinite, the difference between pleasure and true happiness, the existence of objective truth and morality, and whether we are capable of recognizing them. A good many students attended the midday Mass shortly afterward.

At lunch students looked forward to this afternoon’s class, which examined St. Thomas’ proof for the existence of God in the order of nature, complemented by the microcosm of that order on display in Jean Henri Fabre’s account of the life of the bee. Next up is recreation, dinner, and dance practice. Then, tonight is “Arts and Fire Night” — consisting of the highly anticipated Shakespeare Revue, praying at the outdoor Stations of the Cross, and sing-along  by the Guadalupe Fountain.

Look for photos Saturday morning!