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August 06,

Saying Goodbye

Saturday officially brought the 2013 High School Summer Program to a close. The first shuttles bound for LAX departed at 5:30 a.m. and continued throughout the morning, returning the high school students to the 32 different states and 3 foreign countries from whence they came. The day brought numerous hugs and tearful goodbyes as the students realized how close they had become to one another over these two weeks of study, activities, and prayer.

Saying Goodbye

During their annual wrap-up meeting, the Summer Program staff unanimously hailed the 2013 program as one of the most successful in recent memory, largely because this group of 136 students (the largest Summer Program in Thomas Aquinas College history) so enthusiastically and fully immersed themselves in the intellectual and spiritual pursuits of the program. Mere days later, the Admissions Office has already begun to receive applications from Summer Program students who are now seeking to enroll in the Thomas Aquinas College Class of 2018.

Deo Gratias!

As a parting note, we present the following video, taken at the final Mass of this year’s program. It features Alex de Pommery (a Summer Program student from France) and prefect Thomas Quackenbush (’14), singing the Ave Maria in French. Enjoy!