Walking for Life: Heather Waldorf (’15)

Posted: July 11, 2014

Heather Waldorf (’15)Somewhere in the area of Bozeman, Montana, Heather Waldorf (’15) today continues her 12-week walk across the United States in support of the unborn.

Miss Waldorf is participating in the Crossroads Walk Across America — four separate, simultaneous journeys of college students traversing the U.S. and Canada to promote the pro-life cause. Miss Waldorf, a rising senior from Chico, California, is part of the Northern Walk, which began in Seattle on May 24 and will conclude with a rally in Washington, D.C., on August 16.

Accompanied by a chaplain to provide spiritual assistance and an RV carrying supplies, the eight walkers steadily work their way across the country, day and night, five days a week, usually in 15-mile shifts. They attend Mass daily and pray rosaries for the unborn as they walk. On weekends they stop at local parishes to bear witness to the culture of life and to raise funds for their journey. They will collectively walk about 3,000 miles and pass through 11 states.

In the past, several other Thomas Aquinas College students have participated in Crossroads walks, most notably Andrew Moore (’14), who was killed by an oncoming vehicle in the 2012 Central Walk. Yet the dangers inherent in this journey have not deterred the College’s walkers, who are determined to preach the Gospel of Life in any way they can.

On the Crossroads website, Miss Waldorf explains why she is making the walk:

I’m walking this summer in the hope that I can imitate the mother of God. She traveled to meet Elizabeth to share the good news that God had done great things for her. She did this when Christ was in her. I want to go out like her, with Christ within my heart, to tell my brothers and sisters that God has given me life, and blessings, and hope. But most importantly He was able to love me in these ways because I received life from Him first. My generation has suffered because some of us have been taken from life within the wombs of our mothers. My hope is that by my witness to the good news of life, America might have life, and have life more abundantly.

Please pray for Miss Waldorf and all the Crossroads walkers!