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Video: Re-Opening New England!

Posted: August 7, 2020

While many schools have decided to cancel or truncate the upcoming academic year, Thomas Aquinas College plans to fully re-open — with in-person instruction — this month! The College gives thanks to God for this tremendous turn of events.

For the last six months, officials on the New England campus have worked diligently to welcome back students in a way that will keep them, the College’s employees, and its neighbors safe. The above video features the exciting centerpiece of the ongoing efforts.

As part of the re-opening plan, the College is renovating the stately Tracy Student Center so that it will be a fun, desirable spot for students to gather and socialize without leaving campus. It likewise needs to expand classroom capacity and on-campus  exercise options, and add more outdoor seating. With so many students’ families suffering from unemployment and income loss, it will also need to significantly bolster funding for financial aid.

The College has assembled a comprehensive list of the items it requires to meet the goal of opening the campus in time for the new year — everything from board games to seminar tables to kitchen equipment. Would you please take a look at the list, and see if you may be willing to fund any of these items as a gift to the students of Thomas Aquinas College? Your generosity is essential to helping us return to in-person classes and making Catholic liberal education possible on our New England campus once more.

Make a Gift Now!

“May God bless Thomas Aquinas College for its excellent performance as a Catholic college since its foundation in 1971, a college where parents can send their children and be sure that this college is maintaining the best ideals of our faith and is giving not only information but formation.”

– Francis Cardinal Arinze

Prefect Emeritus

Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments