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TAC Women Pursue “Adventures in Grace” at Latest “Dorm Talk”

Posted: February 14, 2020

For the latest installment of the Women’s Dorm Talks on the California campus, Dr. Jennifer Rosato presented a discussion titled “Raissa Maritain’s Adventures in Grace,” about the life of the French poet, philosopher, and wife of famed Thomist Jacques Maritain.

Speaking to a group of women in St. Bernard Hall, Dr. Rosato — an adjunct philosophy instructor at St. John’s Seminary and the wife of TAC tutor Dr. Drew Rosato — focused on Mrs. Maritain’s conversion, first from Judaism, then to atheism, and finally to the Catholic faith. “It’s a particularly dramatic and moving conversion story,” said Dr. Rosato. “Lent is coming up, and who doesn’t pause at the beginning of Lent and reflect on conversion, and on the re-conversion of hearts, and how God moves our hearts and asks us to return to Him?”

Dr. Rosato’s presentation was the fourth of this year’s Dorm Talk Series, which Resident Assistant Maura Collins (’18) organizes for the women of the College. The year’s other featured speakers have been:

  • Jen Dunlap (’03): “Feeling Great and Staying Healthy in College”
  • “Senior Girls on Tap” (seniors answer underclasswomen’s questions on a wide range of topics)
  • Susanna Emerson:  “Pray, Hope, Don’t Worry, and Other Things I would Tell my 20-Year-Old Self”

Now in their fifth year, the Dorm Talks typically consist of a 45-minute presentation, refreshments, and a question-and-answer session that has, on occasion, run well into the night. The next event is scheduled for March 18, when tutor Dr. Andrew Seeley will speak about J.R.R. Tolkien.