Students Appear on EWTN’s “Life on the Rock”

Posted: January 13, 2014

During their Christmas break, Thomas Aquinas College students Brian (’14) and Kathleen Murphy (’16) traveled to Birmingham, Ala., where they appeared on EWTN’s Life on the Rock. In an interview with hosts Rev. Mark Mary, MFVA, and Doug Barry, the siblings discussed their performance in Navis Pictures’ children’s production of The War of the Vendée. (See video, above, at the 32:30 mark.)

The film, which tells the story of Catholics who courageously defend their faith during the French Revolution, touches upon themes of religious freedom that are especially timely in light of Catholics’ ongoing struggles against the HHS Mandate. “In a way, every Catholic is a martyr,” said Brian in the interview. “We live in a world today where it’s a lot less obvious, the persecutions are a lot more subtle … but I personally believe there comes a point where you do have do take a physical stand and say, ‘enough is enough,’ and you can’t go against your faith and morals.”

Added Kathleen, “Whatever trials come, whatever happens in life, you have to love God, and sometimes that might require you to take a stand and to fight, but you just have to love.”

Kathleen and Brian can both be seen in the trailer for The War of the Vendée below: