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Podcast: President McLean Discusses Planned New England Campus

Posted: May 17, 2017

Thomas Aquinas College President Michael F. McLean appears in a newly published interview with Kyle Patterson, editor of, about the College’s recently acquired campus in Northfield Massachusetts. Streaming and downloadable audio of the interview are available in the player at the bottom of this page.

“The gift of this campus and the generosity of the National Christian Foundation really are magnificent and make it possible for us to undertake the education of more young people in a way that is relatively affordable,” says Dr. McLean. “For us to go out and try to build a campus from scratch, acquire land and construct buildings, would cost millions and millions of  dollars, and it would just be prohibitive, at least in our current circumstances. But to have received a beautiful and iconic campus like this as a gift, with the NCF having invested some significant funds in renovating some of the buildings and making some necessary repairs, is just a tremendous opportunity for us. … Now that the gift has been made, we are just grateful and looking forward to going out to New England and making it a success.”