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Parents Help to Raise $176,910 for
First Parents’ Day of Giving!

Posted: May 2, 2018

For Thomas Aquinas College’s first annual Parents’ Day of Giving on May 1, the parents and grandparents of students past and present were challenged to raise $75,000. By day’s end, they had surpassed that total.

“When our anonymous benefactor agreed to match all gifts up to $75,000, we thought that was a very ambitious goal, and we would have been thrilled just to have met it,” says Robert Bagdazian, coordinator of the Thomas Aquinas College Parents’ Association. “But our parents exceeded even our most hopeful predictions.”

Parents and grandparents joined forces to give $101,910 to the College for the Parents’ Day of Giving, which — when combined with the matching gift — amounts to $176,910 in support of the Annual Fund.

“I am truthfully filled with joy by the response,” says the benefactor who made the matching gift. “Praise the Lord for working in the hearts of the parents to provide such support.”

The College’s parents can take some satisfaction in knowing that they bested the efforts of their children, who on the Alumni Day of Giving (March 7) raised $38,500. It should be noted, however, that the parents received some help: Early on during the Parents’ Day of Giving, the College received numerous inquiries from alumni who asked if they could participate in the campaign by making a donation in their parents’ names. With the anonymous benefactor’s blessing, the College then opened the door to these alumni gifts, as well.

“It was an inter-generational effort,” says Mr. Bagdazian. “We had instances in which parents made a gift, and then their children made a second gift in their name. It was beautiful to see families united in their love for the College.”

Although the Parents’ Day of Giving has come to an end, some parents have inquired if they may still contribute. “Of course!” says Mr. Bagdazian. The Parents’ Day of Giving form remains open, and any late-arriving gifts will be added to this year’s total. “We are deeply grateful to all of our parents and grandparents who do so much for Thomas Aquinas College, not just yesterday, but every day. Their love and generosity make the work of the College possible.”