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More Prayers for Dr. and Mrs. Neumayr

Posted: September 17, 2020

Thank you for your prayers for Dr. John W. Neumayr, longtime tutor and one of the founders of Thomas Aquinas College, and his wife, Bridget.

Dr. Neumayr came home from the hospital several days later than had been anticipated after his heart valve replacement surgery. The surgery replaced his atrial valve and seems to have been successful. It was, however, attended by unexpected complications. He now has a pig-transplanted atrial valve and a pacemaker. His full recovery will be hastened by the replacement of his mitral valve. In the meantime, Dr. Neumayr will be at home with his daughter, Jane (Nemcova ’98), and her family.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Neumayr continues treatment for extensive burns on her arm at a burn center in West Hills. She has undergone three restorative surgeries, and it is possible she will require yet more surgery. Her doctors consider it important that she continue with specialized burn care treatment for some weeks after she leaves the burn center. 

Please continue to pray for the Neumayrs, their family, and their doctors. Dr. and Mrs. Neumayr know that they are blessed by the many graces obtained for them by your prayers, and they have been deeply moved by the expressions of concern and love from their many friends and colleagues.