Head Chaplain Fr. Illo on “The Month of the Dead”

“November is the month of the dead,” begins Head Chaplain Rev. Joseph Illo in a recent homily, in which he stresses the need to pray for the souls of the faithful departed:

Yesterday we offered Mass at Santa Paula cemetery, with the graves of those we love around us. To the left was Ron McArthur and Marcus Berquist, just in front of us was Rosie Grimm and John Blewett, to the right was the beautiful stone cross marking Tom Dillon’s grave. God gave us the joy of loving these people on earth; now God gives us the joy of praying for their souls in eternity.

The full homily is available via Fr. Illo’s blog. If you would like to add deceased loved ones to the College’s prayer intentions, please submit their names via the prayer-request form.

Posted: November 5, 2013