Graveside Words of Thanks from Rosie’s Father

By Dan Grimm (’76)

I have a word of thanks and an invitation.

Thanks to our children and their spouses who have been so wonderful in caring for Rosie over these past 19 months.

Thanks to our parents and grandparents who raised us in a true culture of life, to our brothers and sisters, and wonderful brothers- and sisters-in-law who have been surrounding us with love and care in the past weeks as Rosie got so sick.

Thanks to the Thomas Aquinas College community, in so many ways an enlarging and perfecting of our family, that has been so welcoming on this occasion.

Thanks to the Church. In the past 19 months, our daughter Wendy-Irene has used the Internet to bring together literally thousands of the faithful praying for Rosie and asking for healing and strength. This has been an occasion of grace for so many. All of you here, the community of believers praying for her today, are a part of that.

Thanks to God. The Lord gave us Rosie; the Lord took her away. Blessed be the Name of the Lord. The taking is apparent and temporary, but the giving is real and eternal.

Viva Cristo Rey! Blessed be Jesus Christ Who died to save us from sin and death, so that we can conquer overwhelmingly, and rejoice in the hope of eternal life with those we love.

It is our sincere wish that, after the burial, you will join us at our home to give thanks for Rosie and to celebrate this hope we have in Christ.