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Faculty Participate in Seminars in Support of College’s Mission

Posted: June 22, 2017

Twice in the last three weeks, members of the Thomas Aquinas College faculty — tutors and senior administrators alike — have participated in their annual summer seminars, designed to aid them in their shared pursuit of the College’s mission.

“Our faculty is responsible for keeping the mission of Thomas Aquinas College alive and well,” explains Dean Brian T. Kelly. “Our summer Faculty Seminars are aimed at uniting us in a clear vision of this mission. We have sometimes read and discussed works that are explicitly about education or intellectual custom. This year we are reading two works that take us into the substance of perennial philosophy.”

The subject of the first seminar, held on June 1, was St. Thomas Aquinas’ De Principiis Naturae, summarizing the principles of natural philosophy. In the second seminar, held on June 19, members of the faculty read Finality in Nature in Aristotle’s Physics II, Chapter 8 (PDF), by a late founder of the College, Marcus A. Berquist. “Our founding president, Dr. Ronald P. McArthur, often said that a classic hallmark of the loss of wisdom was the failure to grasp that nature acts for an end,” says Dr. Kelly. “This reading will provide an occasion for us to meditate commonly on this very important, very foundational insight.”

The seminars are just one part of the faculty’s summertime preparations, which also include the Tutor Summer Program and the annual retreat for faculty and staff that precedes the start of the new academic year.