Looking out from the loggia of Our Lady of the Most Holy Chapel, a camera sweeps across the Thomas Aquinas College campus. The sun rises above the foothills surrounding the Los Padres National Forest, and a voice asks, What do I know and what do I not know?

So begins a new, 7-minute video now appearing on the College website — an introduction to the studies, the faith, and the community of Thomas Aquinas College. In a quick-moving montage of music and photography, the video explores the beauties of the College’s campus, the depths of its curriculum, and the joy of its students. Brief clips from interviews with a wide range of graduates and members of the faculty and Board of Governors give the viewer a sense of how Thomas Aquinas College inspires its students and forms its alumni.

The mini-documentary is the handiwork of Joe Haggard (’03), a graduate and video producer based in Dallas, Tex. “We are delighted with the work Joe did on this project,” says Director of College Relations Anne S. Forsyth. “It is no easy task to tell the story of the College — our unique curriculum and pedagogy, the campus life, our alumni, our fidelity to the Teaching Church. Yet, somehow, Joe manages to tell the story with elegance and grace, using few words and many beautiful images, in just a few minutes.”

The video is prominently featured at the top of the Thomas Aquinas College homepage, and also appears on the College’s YouTube channel.

Posted: October 4, 2013