College Thanks Casters, A-1 Self Storage for 35 Years of Support

Loyal benefactors of Thomas Aquinas College, Barbara and Terrence Caster of San Diego, Calif., are marking their 35th anniversary as members of the President’s Council. Mr. and Mrs. Caster are the owners of A-1 Self Storage, one of California’s oldest self-storage companies, boasting 42 locations throughout the state. It is through the proceeds of A-1 that they are able to fund their family’s charitable foundation, which supports a wide array of philanthropic endeavors, including numerous Catholic educational institutions.

“We are delighted to announce that the College has received a $3,000 grant for student financial aid through the Caster Family Foundation at The San Diego Foundation,” says Director of Development Robert Bagdazian. “Mr. and Mrs. Caster have dedicated much of their lives and livelihood to philanthropy, to doing good for the glory of God. We are grateful for their generosity, which has helped make the blessing of a Catholic liberal education possible for hundreds of students.”

The Casters were among the President’s Council’s earliest members, having first joined when the College was still in its infancy in 1978. The backbone of the College’s financial-aid fund, the Council consists of those benefactors, some 350 in all, who each give at least $1,000 annually. Together, they provide most of the more than $4 million in financial aid that the College needs for qualified students each year. The Council’s members have played a critical role in making the College what it is today — a vital resource for the Church and society.

“During this season of Thanksgiving, we thank God for blessing the College with good friends who make our mission a reality,” says Mr. Bagdazian. “We thank God for the Casters, and we thank the Casters for their 35 years of friendship.”

Posted: December 12, 2012