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College Publishes Complete, Free Archives of The Aquinas Review

Posted: August 21, 2015

For the first time since Thomas Aquinas College Founding President Ronald P. McArthur established The Aquinas Review in 1994, the scholarly journal is fully available online. A complete archive of back issues is now accessible, free of charge, via the College’s website.

An annual publication, The Aquinas Review exists to provide a forum for a deeper consideration of the matters that constitute the College’s curriculum and are central to genuine Catholic liberal education. Consistent with the nature of the College, The Aquinas Review is marked by fidelity to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church and a respect for the great tradition of liberal learning.

Dr. Tony Andres (’87) Dr. Anthony Andres (’87)“I am very pleased that The Aquinas Review is now available online,” says Dr. Anthony Andres (’87), a graduate of the College and a member of its teaching faculty who has succeeded the late Dr. McArthur as the journal’s editor. “I have had a lot of alumni and current subscribers ask how they can find articles from back issues, and now those are easily available. Moreover, every article is a searchable PDF, which means that scholars who are looking for answers to particular questions can easily find them.”

As always, the College will continue to offer free subscriptions to the print edition of The Aquinas Review. “I think that when visitors to the online edition see what’s available, they will become regular readers and subscribers,” says Dr. Andres.

The essays in The Aquinas Review reflect positions taken by their authors and not necessarily the College itself. The editor — in collaboration with the editorial board — determines the contents of each issue. Any interested person may submit an essay for consideration or letters or comments on articles already published.

This fall the College will publish the 2015 edition of The Aquinas Review in Dr. McArthur’s honor.