College Praised in New ISI College Guide

“In 1971, in response to the shock-secularization and academic decline of Catholic colleges in America, a small group of scholars in California envisaged something different …”

So begins the review of Thomas Aquinas College in the Intercollegiate Studies Institute’s annual College Guide. “Its success, both by the founders’ standards and by the world’s, has been remarkable,” the guide continues. “The program to which they have adhered from the beginning is widely recognized as one of the most rigorous in the country. Over 40 percent of those who complete it go on to graduate study in virtually every field.”

The guide observes, “The keystone to Thomas Aquinas College’s education is its corporate commitment to a rationally knowable objective reality. TAC believes that Truth, with an emphatically capital ‘T,’ is accessible through faith and reason.”

Notably, ISI gives the College a “green light” for its “political and social environment,” meaning that at Thomas Aquinas College students with traditional or religious sensibilities will not “find themselves isolated, ostracized, or even officially sanctioned for dissenting from campus orthodoxies.” Indeed, Thomas Aquinas College “does not press its ideas onto students through lectures and textbooks,” the guide remarks, “but genuinely tries to lead them through the Socratic method, placing the emphasis on their own reasoning powers as engaged with a text and other readers”.

The full text of the review is available on the website for $2.50, but visitors who enter the promo code 3FREE at checkout can receive the review — plus up to two others — free of charge.

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Screen shot from the review of Thomas Aquinas College in the Intercollegiate Study Institute’s

Patrick Nazeck (’19) -- quote 2

“Here I am surrounded by other people my age who share my interests, who value their education as much as I do, and whom I can have fun with while still learning about big ideas. It is an awesome experience that I have never found anywhere else.”

– Patrick Nazeck (’19)

Ridgecrest, California