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College Consensus Ranks TAC
No. 18 on List of “Underrated
Colleges Doing Great Things”

Posted: November 7, 2018

College Consensus, a new online aggregator of college-review guides, has ranked Thomas Aquinas College No. 18 on its list of 50 Underrated Colleges Doing Great Things, schools whose methods “are worth imitating, emulating, and spreading far and wide.” The College is the only Catholic institution to be included on the list.

“While other schools seek recognition as the most innovative colleges in America, Thomas Aquinas innovates by looking to tradition,” the guide observes. “The Liberating Education curriculum is based in the oldest academic traditions: study of the Great Books, and discussion in the Socratic Method. A fully integrated approach makes Thomas Aquinas one of the best hands-on learning colleges in the U.S.; there are no lectures, only discussion, laboratory study, and engaged, experiential learning in everything from mathematics to translation.”

The term “underrated college,” College Consensus explains, is not meant to imply that an institution receives low marks or suffers from a poor reputation.  Rather, “underrated” institutions are “not state flagships or household names,” even though they make “a big impact on students and communities.” Thomas Aquinas Colleges, the guide continues, “has earned a national reputation for excellence and independence.” In May, the site named it one of the Top 10 Catholic Colleges in the U.S.