Audio: Alumni & Faculty Talks from 2013 Aristotelian-Thomistic Conference

Earlier this month, scholars from across the United States and abroad gathered on the campus of Thomas Aquinas College for the annual West Coast Meeting of the Society for Aristotelian-Thomistic Studies. The two-day conference, which focused on the theme of “Philosophy and the Arts,” featured five speakers who are alumni of the College or members of its teaching faculty. Their talks are available via the links below:

  • “An Aristotelian Account of Music’s Influence on the Passions” [audio]
    Mr. Blaise Blain (’10)
    The Catholic University of America
  • “The Purpose of Playing” [audio]
    Mr. Josef Froula (’92)
    Legionaries of Christ College of the Humanities and Holy Apostles College and Seminary
  • “A Study of Film” [audio]
    Dr. John Nieto (’89)
    Thomas Aquinas College
  • “Are Non-Human Animals Capable of Appreciating the Fine Arts?” [audio]
    Dr. Marie George (’79)
    St. John’s University
  • “Is Beauty a Distinct Transcendental According to St. Thomas Aquinas?” [audio] [pdf]
    Dr. Travis Cooper
    Thomas Aquinas College

Posted: June 20, 2013