On this All Souls’ Day, please pray for all of the College’s deceased alumni:

Norman P. DeSilva (’75)
Jeremy D. Gerber (’75)
Stanley B. Long (’76)
Mary L. Nolasco (’77)
Steven J. Nichols (’78)
Maureen McClane Fogle (’81)
Steven A. Johnson (’81)
Robert C. Byers (’82)
Ellen K. George (’82)
Gordianus S. Nwozor (’83)
Michael J. Paietta (’83)
Timothy R. Trahms (’83)
Jim Heilman (’84)
Jackie L. Lemmon (’87)
Jon B. Syren (’87)
Mark D. Allen (’88)
Daniel J. Ziglinski (’91)
Paul J. Meyer (’94)
Peter J. Bacik (’00)
Angela L. Baird (’00)
Daniel R. Fleury (’02)
John Marie St. Francis (’03)
John R. Morris (’03)
Paul J. Levine (’04)
Matthew J. Wise (’06)
Andrew R. Keeler (’08)
John (Doug) Browne (’11)
Andrew (Kent) Moore (’14)

Please also pray for our deceased Chaplains, Governors, Faculty, and Staff:

Rev. Wilfred Borden, O.M.I
Rev. Thomas Conn, S.J.
Msgr. John Gallagher

Board of Governors:
William Bentley Ball
Lawrence Barker
Francis E. Browne
Harry G. Browne
John Duff
William Isaacson
Carl N. Karcher
John Kiely
Patrick J. Kirby
Col. William Lawton
Sister Eileen MacDonald, IHM
J. Edward Martin
Herbert H. McDade Jr.
The Most Reverend Norman F. McFarland
Felix S. McGinnis, Jr.
Ralph M. McInerny
Francis J Milligan
James P. Miscoll
Francis J. Montgomery
Richard L. Noble
John E. Schaeffer
W. R. Sidenfaden
William W. Smith
Chauncey D. Stillman
Elias C. Townsend
William A. Wilson
Joseph A. Wynne

Marcus R. Berquist
Norman P. DeSilva
Thomas E. Dillon
Molly M. Gustin
Roy Hays
Rev. Harry Marchowski
Rev. Thomas A. McGovern
Michael J. Paietta
Rev.Peter Royal
John S. Schmitt
Rev. Winfree Smith

Asa Allison
Judith Tyler Bowles
Virgil Brookes
Sister Verda Clare
Glee Kuddes
Todd Ocker
Anastasia “Babe” Williams

Eternal rest, grant unto them, O Lord,
and let perpetual light shine upon them.
May they rest in peace!

Nota Bene: Names are listed in the primary category that each served the College; some of the above served in more than one capacity.


Posted: November 2, 2012