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Press Information about New England Campus

Press Information about New England Campus

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About Thomas Aquinas College

Founded in 1971, Thomas Aquinas Colege is a four-year, co-educational institution that has developed a solid reputation for academic excellence in the United States and abroad, highly ranked by organizations such as The Princeton Review, U. S. News, and Kiplinger. At Thomas Aquinas College all students acquire a broad and fully integrated liberal education. The College offers one, four-year, classical curriculum that spans the major arts and sciences. Instead of reading textbooks, students read the original works of the greatest thinkers in Western civilization — the great books — in all the major disciplines: mathematics, natural science, literature, philosophy, and theology. The academic life of the college is conducted under the light of the Catholic faith and flourishes within a close-knit community, supported by a vibrant spiritual life. Graduates consistently excel in the many world-class institutions at which they pursue graduate and professional degrees in fields such as law, medicine, business, theology, and education. They have distinguished themselves serving as lawyers, doctors, business owners, priests, military service men and women, educators, journalists, and college presidents.


About the New England Branch Campus

On Tuesday, February 7, 2017, Thomas Aquinas College and the National Christian Foundation announced that they had entered into a preliminary agreement, under which the NCF will give to the College the campus of a former secondary school in Northfield, Massachusetts.  Thomas Aquinas College will assume ownership of the property on May 2, 2017, and open its doors to students in the fall of 2018. Prior to May 2, the College will complete its assessment of the physical plant at the new site and continue its efforts to obtain necessary permitting. Read the press release.


High-Res Photos of the New England Branch Campus

Thomas Aquinas College makes the following images available for print or web media, provided that they are not used in advertising, in promotion of products, or in other sales materials. Please credit these images with “Courtesy of Thomas Aquinas College.” 

Thumbnails link to full-size, high-resolution images

Kenarden Hall Kenarden hall in the snow

Kenarden Hall

Kenarden Hall in the snow

Sage Chapel Sage Chapel in the snow

Sage Chapel

Sage Chapel in the snow

Sage Chapel, vertical orientation Talcott Library

Sage Chapel, vertical orientation

Talcott Library

Sage Chapel from afar campus view

Sage Chapel from afar

campus view

Stone Hall Stone Hall in the snow

Stone Hall

Stone Hall in the snow

Meany Gymnasium Auditorium

Meany Gymnasium


aerial view  

Aerial view

Patrick Nazeck (’19) -- quote 2

“Here I am surrounded by other people my age who share my interests, who value their education as much as I do, and whom I can have fun with while still learning about big ideas. It is an awesome experience that I have never found anywhere else.”

– Patrick Nazeck (’19)

Ridgecrest, California

“I am deeply touched by the quality of the intellectual and spiritual formation that you offer. The study of philosophy should lead to a conviction that truth can be known, articulated, and defended. Your college shows that this is possible, and on a high level!”

– Rev. Wojciech Giertych, O.P.

Theologian of the Papal Household