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The Ronald & Marilyn McArthur
Cardinal Newman Scholarship Endowment

When his fellow founders chose Dr. Ronald P. McArthur as Thomas Aquinas College’s first president, they made him and his wife, Marilyn, intellectual and spiritual parents to the College’s students.

Dr. and Mrs. McArthur believed that the Faith must be handed on through more than just books: it must be lived in a community. They sought not only to form students’ minds, but also to foster deep and genuine friendships based on the love of truth.

They also believed strongly that learning should be a lifelong pursuit and that the College’s faculty, as well as its students, should remember that the true teachers at the College are the great authors they read. One such teacher, to whom Dr. McArthur developed an increasing devotion over the years, was Cardinal Newman. Dr. McArthur had long known that a thorough knowledge of Scripture must be the foundation of future theological study — indeed, Thomas Aquinas College freshmen begin with a year-long reading of the Bible — and he was drawn to Newman by the Cardinal’s own deep love for Scripture and the wisdom of his commentary. For a number of years, the McArthurs hosted readings of Newman’s sermons for members of the College community.

Marilyn McArthur, Dr. McArthur with a student

The Ronald & Marilyn McArthur Cardinal Newman Scholarship Endowment is a memorial both to the McArthurs’ years of dedication and to the teacher in whom Dr. McArthur found so much spiritual insight. It provides financial assistance to students who cannot afford full tuition, and thus it helps the College to carry on the work to which the Dr. McArthurs devoted their lives.

Please consider a contribution to this Endowment. And please remember Dr. and Mrs. McArthur in your prayers.