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volleyballOn Wednesday the students enjoyed a class-free afternoon after studying Euclid in the morning. Some took the opportunity to enjoy a light hike to the top of a hill near campus where, through some haze, they could make out the Pacific Ocean and the Channel Islands in the distance. Others relaxed on campus, and all then joined on the athletic field for an exciting volleyball tourney. The teams had creative names: the Jesuits, the Norbertines, and the Ladies Philosophy. The Norbertines won the tournament and faced a team of tutors and Fr. Sebastian in the tournament finale. After an in intense three-game match, the experienced tutor squad prevailed.

Dr. McLean speaks to the students in the Coffee ShopA tri-tip barbeque was served on the athletic field after recreation. Then, following a two-hour study period, students gathered for the rosary in the Chapel. About 45 minutes later, College President Michael F. McLean greeted them in the Coffee Shop and spoke briefly about the College and his interest in the Summer Program, of which he is one of the original founders.

Fr. SebastianFr. Sebastian then hosted a discussion of theology in the Coffee Shop over root beer floats. Students submitted their own questions for Father to answer, such as why hell exists, how evolution can be seen as greater proof for God’s existence, and how purity makes for healthy relationships. The discussions on these and other topics carried over into the residence halls, where students talked around fires in the courtyards before retiring for the night.