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Studying EuclidWith the week drawing rapidly to a close, there is a sense of eagerness in the classroom to get to the heart of the concepts being discussed. There is so little time left to spend with Euclid, Boethius, and all the questions these works inspire.

Any student who has gone through the four-year Thomas Aquinas College curriculum recognizes this sense of yearning for knowledge that begins to pervade the class. Whether you’re drawing close to finishing a great work that you’ve spent a lot of time studying, or whether you’re drawing your four years to a close, you become keenly aware that time is short;  there is a certain anxiety to “learn everything” before your opportunity with this book, or at this college, is over.

But it also fills you with a wonderful sense of expectancy and excitement for all the amazing things left to study — and the humbling realization that you are just beginning a lifelong journey towards wisdom. Many of the students will leave here with questions still unanswered, but that’s a great thing. It whets your appetite for more study and compels you toward satiating that hunger for knowledge of the true, good, and beautiful.

The day drew to a close with a beautiful rosary procession from the front of the Chapel down to the Lourdes Grotto on the lower campus, with Fr. Sebastian leading the students in Our Lady’s prayer before her statue.