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beach volleyball

High School Summer Program Chaplain Rev. Sebastian Walshe, O.Praem., sets the ball during a game of volleyball on Carpinteria State Beach.

Sunday morning the students rose to celebrate a High Mass, complete with the College choir and incense. Brunch followed, and the students were even able to get some study time in before heading to the beautiful California coast.

The students, prefects, and chaplains all boarded buses and went first to the Carpintaria State Beach. After an afternoon of volleyball, swimming, and sandcastles, they then headed to nearby Santa Barbara for the rest of the evening.

After disembarking from the buses, the students split up into groups, each headed by a prefect, and set out to find a place to eat. There are a wide variety of dining options available on State Street, so some groups chose American burgers, some sushi, some Italian pasta, and some authentic Mexican cuisine. After a bit of shopping, picture-taking, and ice-cream eating, the groups headed down to Stearns Wharf just in time to catch a beautiful sunset overlooking the pier. After a group picture of the entire program in front of a dolphin fountain, the students boarded the buses to go back to campus.