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Clara Diodati (’17)Plans are already under way for the 2015 High School Summer Program, and the College is assembling a team of prefects. Among them will be Clara Diodati (’17), who attended the program in 2012, the summer before her senior year in high school. Back then, Miss Diodati had serious doubts about whether she wanted to apply to the College — doubts that vanished over the course of the program. When the two weeks were over, she returned to her Georgia home, and wrote a song about her experience:

The song, TAC Chose Me, is “about how my perception of the school changed,” Miss Diodati writes, and “how the program and all the people there made me fall in love with it.” Consider this sampling from the lyrics:

We bonded over ancient readings, studied Euclid when we’d rather be sleeping.
That kind of friendship, it doesn't happen overnight, but it can happen in two weeks, only if you’re at TAC, only if you're at TAC.

You can listen to the song through the player below:

Care to join this year’s Summer Program? Apply now while space is still available!