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Kathleen Sullivan ('06)This blog will not go live until the start of the 2013 High School Summer Program in July, but if you are interested in attending the program, be sure to read this reflection by Kathleen Sullivan (’06). Miss Sullivan attended the program when she was in high school, and for the last seven years she has served as one of its prefects. Her essay looks back at the profound effect the program has had on her life:

As I went back to the dorm and settled into sleep, the thoughts still whirling in my head, I came to that realization as clear and vivid then as it is now, ‘This is it. This is where I am going to college. This is what I want to do.’ I want to think, to discover the truths of things, to reason and reflect on what matters in our lives, to understand the world around me from a perspective unhindered by another’s bias or predetermined mindset. I wanted to grapple with the questions that Man has always grappled with, and to learn the answers as best I could. I had realized that education was not about the amount of knowledge learned, but about how it was learned. I wanted to take control of that knowledge, guided by the wisdom of Thomas Aquinas College’s tutors, the insights and fresh perspective of my peers, and by the faith of my Catholic beliefs.

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