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Rising early on a Saturday morning, over 100 of the students joined the prefects on a hike through the Los Padres National Forest. The trail, which borders the campus, leads to the refreshing (cold, according to some!) Punch Bowls — naturally formed pools of spring water. The students enjoyed the three-mile canyon hike, climbing over boulders, crossing the creek beds, and finally enjoying a dip in the cool water at the top. Even a student in a wheelchair was able to come on this hike, thanks to the combined efforts of the summer program guys, who formed groups to carry him over the rocky terrain.

The hikers returned to a delicious barbeque, grilled by our Admissions Director Jon Daly. Displaying the non-stop energy of this lively program, the students soon started playing games of Frisbee and volleyball, despite having just returned from a 5-hour hike.

Following the barbeque, many students took the opportunity to pray during a Holy Hour of Adoration, which included a Rosary and Benediction. Both chaplains, Fr. Buckley and Fr. Sebastian, were available during this time for those who wished to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

As the night darkened, the students gathered on an outside patio to watch Russell Crowe portray the truly inspirational real-life story of boxer James J. Braddock in Cinderella Man. It was a great day of fun and camaraderie, and the students certainly rested well that night!