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After sleeping off the excitement of Sunday’s activities, many of the students began their first day of classes with an opening Mass in Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity Chapel, concelebrated by the summer program’s chaplains: Rev. Cornelius Buckley, S.J., and Rev. Sebastian Walshe, O.Praem. After brunch, the students were introduced to the Discussion Method with their first class on Oedipus Rex, discussing questions such as “Can a man control his own fate?” and, “Was Oedipus guilty for his actions?”

Later in the afternoon, students tackled ideas concerning the justice of Socrates’ condemnation, and the issue of his subjugating his private will to the state’s will in Plato’s Crito. After recreation — consisting of some soccer, volleyball, tennis, and touch football — the students had time for dinner and conversation before study hall in St. Bernardine of Sienna Library. Rosary followed, a beautiful time of prayer and reflection which many of the students attended.

The enthusiasm of the students from the first day’s events spilled over into their residence-hall parties. The girls in St. Monica’s bonded through games and dismantling a piñata, while the guys in Sts. Peter and Paul demonstrated manly strength in arm-wrestling chess. It is encouraging to see the excitement of the students in this summer program!