The following information will assist students in preparing for the coming year at Thomas Aquinas College. (Download PDF version.)

I. Communication

Telephone contact with students may be made through common residence hall phones noted in the chart below. Students may wish to bring a calling card to make outgoing calls through these telephones; they are welcome to bring cell phones. Currently, among the major carriers, AT&T and Sprint offer the best on-campus coverage. Residence Hall numbers are as follows:

Men       Women      
St. Bernard Hall
805-421-5986 West
805-421-5987 North 
St. Katherine Hall
805-421-5984 East
805-421-5985 North
Bl. Serra Hall
805-421-5997 East
805-421-5998 West 
St. Therese Hall
805-421-5988 North
805-421-5989 South
Ss. Peter and Paul Hall
805-421-5993 1st floor East
805-421-5994 1st floor West
805-421-5995 2nd floor East
805-421-5996 2nd floor West
St. Monica Hall
805-421-5990 2nd floor North
805-421-5991 2nd floor South
805-421-5992 1st floor

In case of an after-hours emergency, please call 800-634-9797 or 805-525-4417 and press 1.

Mail should be addressed as follows, and may be sent as early as the end of July. It will be delivered to the students rooms upon their arrival to the campus in August:

Name of Student, Freshman
℅ Thomas Aquinas College
10,000 Ojai Rd.
Santa Paula, CA 93060

II. Computers

Students are encouraged to bring their own laptops or personal computers. Internet access is available in the College Library and in the mailroom. College computers are available for use in both areas. Students may also use Ethernet cables provided in these areas to access the internet through their personal laptops. Additionally, College email account access is available in the study rooms located in each residence hall.

III. Transportation

Freshmen should arrive on campus between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, August 16. Since College housing and food services will not be ready until that day, please do not plan to arrive earlier than August 16 without permission from the Admissions Office. Students traveling to the College alone typically fly into Los Angeles International (LAX) and then take a shuttle from LAX. The two most popular shuttle options: 

  1. Ventura County Airporter: The Airporter will bring students to Oxnard Airport (OXR) where a College courier (arranged in advance through the College’s receptionist) can meet them and bring them to campus. Approximate cost: $38 pre-paid.
  2. Roadrunner Shuttle: Offers direct, shared service to the College. Approximate cost: $75.

Students should make arrangements well in advance of the day of travel. Due to the distance and time involved, the College is unable to personally meet students at the airport.

III. Freshman Orientation

On the evening of Thursday, August 16, the College will host a barbeque for the freshmen and all family members who accompany them. After the barbeque, the College prefects will host a welcome party for all freshmen. At the same time, the Dean and President of the College will host a Parents’ Orientation meeting followed by a wine and cheese reception.

On Friday, August 17, the freshmen will assemble in St. Joseph Commons for Orientation and registration. Orientation meetings and activities will continue through Saturday, by which time all tuition and room and board charges for the first semester must be paid.

IV. Convocation

Convocation Mass of the Holy Spirit will be offered at 9:00 a.m., Monday, August 22, followed by coffee and donuts. Matriculation for freshmen will begin at 10:45 a.m. in St. Joseph Commons. Juniors and seniors will meet for Seminars at 7:00 p.m. Monday evening. All other classes begin Tuesday, August 23.

V. Health

The College nurses visit the campus on a regular schedule and the College physician has an office in nearby Santa Paula. There is also an urgent care clinic and a hospital in Santa Paula.

VI. Clothing

Southern California has a moderate climate. Warm days may occur at any time of the year and several weeks of hot weather can be expected in the fall. Winter clothing should include warm sweaters, coats, and rain wear. Temperatures occasionally drop to freezing during the winter. Specific information on the dress code is available from the Admissions Office.

For classes, meals, and in the College chapel:

Women wear dress shoes or sandals (not casual or athletic type) and skirts or dresses with hemlines below the knee. Shirts and tops are not tight-fitting and have sleeves and modest necklines. Slacks are not worn at these times.

Men wear presentable khakis or slacks (blue jeans or similar casual pants, e.g. pants with pockets on the outside, are not acceptable), shirts with collars, and dress shoes. For more formal occasions, they will often wear a suit or coat and tie. 

For sports, recreation, and casual wear:

In informal settings, students wear pants or longer shorts. Clothing is modest and not tight-fitting. Women also wear either a one-piece bathing suit or a tankini which covers the midriff.

Men wear jeans or shorts. Shirts are required at all times on campus, except on the athletic field and basketball courts during men’s sports.

VII. Miscellaneous

The following items should be furnished by the students:

  • pens, pencils, notebooks, paper
  • pillow, mattress cover, bed linens, and blankets for an extra-long twin bed (the beds are slightly smaller than an extra-long twin, but are larger than a regular size twin)
  • towels and wash cloths
  • desk lamp, alarm clock
  • laundry soap
  • personal toiletries, etc.

Washers and dryers are available for use in the residence halls at no charge.

Students’ automobiles must be registered with the College and parked in designated areas.

The College cannot be held responsible for loss of personal valuables.