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Thomas Aquinas College Annual Report

Dear Friends of Thomas Aquinas College,

The fiscal year that closed on June 30, 2019, was one of preparation — in ways both practical and spiritual — as we laid the groundwork for the successful opening of our New England campus in August. Meanwhile, we also expanded our California campus, adding some 700 acres of the surrounding ranch land. And at the start of the academic year, we welcomed Archbishop Gomez to dedicate the newly completed St. Cecilia Hall, a gift of the Fritz B. Burns Foundation.

Such milestones are important, and it is only fitting that we celebrate and give thanks to God. Yet these extraordinary events are important precisely because of the ordinary life that underlies them, and to which they are ordered: the life of Faith Seeking Understanding. This life takes place in our classrooms, in the residence halls, and in the Chapels, and it manifests itself in song, in prayer and in witness.

When our alumni go out into the world, they bring with them the fruits of their Catholic liberal education. This year, among many other examples:

The work of Thomas Aquinas College would not be possible without the support of thousands of benefactors. The linked audited financial statements for Fiscal Year 2019 (PDF) document both your generosity and our stewardship. It is a privilege for us to do this work, and we are honored by your confidence in the value of our program and in the dedication of our students.

Thank you. May God bless you.


Michael F. McLean
Michael F. McLean

Michael F. McLean (with caption)

President Michael F. McLean

Thomas Cavanaugh (’18) -- quote 2

“My time here has really refined the way I think, read, and understand. It has allowed me to think about things more critically and logically.”

– Thomas Cavanaugh (’18)

Larkspur, California