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“I feel if you want to have good law enforcement, good courts, good government, then put good people in those positions, on the front lines,” says California Highway Patrol Officer Rex Mohun (’90). Officer Mohun is literally on the front lines, patrolling the highways of Ventura County. He sees his job as a logical one for a Thomas Aquinas graduate. He was always interested in law enforcement and had already served in the military prior to starting college.

When, as a student, he philosophized about the role of government, Rex felt that looking out for the safety of its people made sense. Now, as a peace officer, he is involved with teaching, the promulgation and enforcement of the law, and promoting public safety.

Following his graduation, Rex and Serena (Grimm ’87) lived in New Hampshire, where Rex taught in a school for boys. Now they and their 12 children live in Santa Paula where they enjoy the proximity of their extended family and friends. Mrs. Mohun’s celebrated coloratura soprano once again graces musical events in St. Joseph Commons.

Officer Mohun remembers fondly the debates in the residence halls during his college days. The tools acquired during class were put to good use in the evenings, discussing everything from great moral issues to rock and roll, he recalls. It is helpful, too, he says, in reasoning with motorists who do not see things his way!