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How To Apply

There are two ways to apply to Thomas Aquinas College: 


When to Apply

The College has a rolling admissions policy, under which prospective students may apply any time after they have completed their junior year of high school. Thus it is never too early for seniors to begin their applications to the College. The Admissions Committee acts upon applications submitted by high school students as early as the middle of the first semester of their senior year. By the time of Matriculation, all students must have a high school diploma or its recognized equivalent, or be beyond the age of compulsory education in California.

After the class has been filled, all other accepted students are placed on a wait list. Waitlisted students who are not ultimately admitted in the year for which they are applying are generally offered a place in next year’s freshman class.

The Thomas Aquinas College application process is deliberately broad so as to allow students greater latitude in expressing their academic interests and strengths. It also enables the Admissions Committee to evaluate an applicant’s potential for success in the program. We encourage applicants to write and complete their applications as soon as possible for the best possible chance of enrolling.


After You’re Admitted

Acceptance remains provisional until after the College has received and favorably reviewed the following:

  • A final transcript of high school studies, establishing satisfactory grades through the second semester of the senior year, as well as high school completion or its recognized equivalent.

  • A student health and registration form for incoming students

  • A signed Payment Plan and Promissory Note (you will receive these via mail)


Questions? Comments? Please contact us!

If you have any questions, please contact the Admissions Office by e-mail or call 1-800-634-9797.

Apply to the College 2016
Patrick Nazeck (’19) -- quote 2

“Here I am surrounded by other people my age who share my interests, who value their education as much as I do, and whom I can have fun with while still learning about big ideas. It is an awesome experience that I have never found anywhere else.”

– Patrick Nazeck (’19)

Ridgecrest, California