Order of St. Albert

Established in 1998, the Order of St. Albert is named for the great 13th century bishop and celebrated scientist. In addition to being the instructor of our patron, St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Albert the Great was a friend and adviser to popes, bishops, kings, and statesmen. Membership in the Order of St. Albert is reserved for those benefactors whose generosity to Thomas Aquinas College has been exceptional. For, just as St. Thomas would not have risen to the heights that he did without the aid of his mentor, so, too, Thomas Aquinas College could not accomplish the good that it does without the generosity of these benefactors.

Members of the Order of St. Albert are awarded a cast bronze bust of St. Albert the Great modeled on the statue that stands in the College’s academic quadrangle just outside the science hall, and their names are engraved on its pedestal.


St. Albert the Great

1998 Mr.† and Mrs. James Barrett
  Dr.† and Mrs. Harry Browne
  Mrs. George V. Caldwell †
  Mr. and Mrs. Carl Karcher †
  Mr. and Mrs. Francis Montgomery †
  Mr. Henry Salvatori †
  Mr. Thomas P. Sullivan
1999 The Dan Murphy Foundation
  The Fritz B. Burns Foundation
  The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation
2001 William H. Hannon Foundation
  Mr.† and Mrs. Harry G. John
2008 The Family of R. Scott & Lannette Turicchi
  Mr. Richard L. Noble †In Memoriam
  The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation
2009 Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Smeed
2010 Mr. and Mrs.† Edward N. Mills
  Dr. and Mrs. Henry J. Zeiter
2011 Miss Kathleen Burke


Turicchis -- Order of St. Albert CORRECTED

Lannette and R. Scott & Turicchi, whose family was inducted into the Order of St. Albert in 2008

Sean Wood (’13)

“When you’re undergoing an education like this, it teaches you how to think, and forms your intellect, so that you will be able to make well-formed choices once you get out into the world.”

– Sean Wood (’13)

Ojai, Calif.