• Matthew K. Kelsey, Chairman
  • Anne E. White, Vice Chairman
  • Rev. John J. Higgins, Chaplain
  • Michael D. Byrne
  • Rev. Nicholas E. Callaghan
  • Nancy Cushing
  • Thomas S. Cushing
  • Patricia I. Donahoe
  • Thomas Donahoe
  • Leon P. Grimm
  • Nancy Grimm
  • Barbara D. Joliat
  • Christopher P. Joliat
  • Nona M. Kelsey
  • Gregory A. Pfundstein
San Francisco Board of Regents with Barretts

Members of the San Francisco Board of Regents and President Michael F. McLean present late Governor Emeritus James L. Barrett and his wife, Judy, with an icon of St. Thomas Aquinas in gratitude for the Barretts’ longstanding generosity to the College.