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Students learn of plans for New England

Students learn of plans for New England

Posted: February 9, 2017

After the conclusion of underclassman seminars on Tuesday night, students gathered in St. Joseph Commons, where Dean Brian T. Kelly announced Thomas Aquinas College’s plans to establish a branch campus in New England. The news, which had been circulating all day, both online and around the California campus, did not come as a surprise, but students were nonetheless excited to learn more details.

Dr. Kelly briefly discussed why the new campus was so appealing to College officials:


Then, to prove his point, he showed the students the following video slideshow.


To see their reaction, watch the video clip below:

Thanks be to God!

Br. Robert Nesbit

“It was at the College when I began to take my faith seriously. The community life, all the people, the faculty, the staff — and the Mass — all that really helped.”

– Br. Robert Nesbit, O.S.B. (’07)

“Thomas Aquinas College is doing on the undergraduate level exactly what should be done. The College's alumni and alumnae prove that with this kind of education you can go on and do anything.”

– Dr. Ralph McInerny (†)

Scholar and Writer