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Students learn of plans for New England

Students learn of plans for New England

Posted: February 9, 2017

After the conclusion of underclassman seminars on Tuesday night, students gathered in St. Joseph Commons, where Dean Brian T. Kelly announced Thomas Aquinas College’s plans to establish a branch campus in New England. The news, which had been circulating all day, both online and around the California campus, did not come as a surprise, but students were nonetheless excited to learn more details.

Dr. Kelly briefly discussed why the new campus was so appealing to College officials:


Then, to prove his point, he showed the students the following video slideshow.


To see their reaction, watch the video clip below:

Thanks be to God!

Major Paul W. White

“The education teaches you how to think in a structured, ordered fashion. In modern medicine … that is very helpful.”

– Major Paul W. White (’95)

Vascular Surgeon, U.S. Army Medical Corps

“Thomas Aquinas College knows this — that the life of the mind involves the spiritual life as well — and that is why I have always thought of this institution as a college in the image and likeness of John Paul II.”

– George Weigel

Papal Biographer