Q: Will I pay more for my items if I purchase them through thomasaquinas.edu/amazon?

A: No, you will not spend a cent more for your Amazon items. Amazon pays advertising fees to generate traffic to its site. Typically, those fees go to search giants such as Google or Bing. Let that fee go to the College instead.

Q: Is this really worth the effort? How much does the College stand to earn?

A: If 1,000 people were to buy an average of $500 per year on Amazon, the College would receive $37,000. In these tough economic times, this extra income is greatly needed.

Q: Does this affect how I log into my Amazon account? Can I still use my Amazon Prime membership?

A: Making your Amazon.com purchases through thomasaquinas.edu/amazon will not affect your use of any type of account you have with Amazon. You can shop as you normally would.

Q: What if I purchase items on Amazon.com from a third-party vendor, does the College still receive a commission?

A: Yes, as long as you go to Amazon by way of thomasaquinas.edu/amazon, the College will receive a commission, even on third-party sales.

Q: What kind of products qualify?

A: The commission applies to all Amazon.com purchases: books and music, electronics and computers, clothing and shoes, office and school supplies, groceries and health items, sporting and outdoors products, automotive and industrial goods — and much more.

Q: Will my personal information be compromised if I make purchases this way?

A: No. Thomas Aquinas College does not see the names of the customers using this program, their credit-card numbers, or any of their other personal information.