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Having desired to be a lawyer since she was six years old, Rebekah Shapiro wasted no time pursuing a legal career after graduating from Thomas Aquinas College in 2005. That fall, she enrolled at the University of Virginia School of Law where she found her classical education came in handy. “I wrote a paper on the references to Plato, Aristotle, and St. Augustine in Roe v. Wade in a public-health law class and got an A,” she recalls. “Law professors are always very impressed when law students can do original translations!”

Miss Shapiro graduated from law school in May of 2008, sat for the bar exam in July, and began practicing law that November. She is now an attorney at the San Francisco firm of Wild, Carey & Fife, which specializes in construction litigation, accounting law, and wrongful-death and other personal injury cases. Once again, she is appreciative of her undergraduate education, especially “the ability to find arguments, to recognize arguments and the terms, the premises, and assumptions in what I am reading.”

In her free time, Miss Shapiro participates in a Bay Area great books seminar with other Thomas Aquinas College alumni as well as graduates of St. John’s College and the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology in Berkeley. She supports pro-life causes, and is delighted to see so many of the College’s students and alumni at San Francisco’s annual Walk for Life West Coast. “The more time that passes following graduation,” she says, “the more grateful I am to be a member of the College’s community of faith.”